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Innovations & Challenges in Leveraging Technology for Healthcare

Public healthcare in Tanzania faces numerous challenges. Technology and particularly mobile technology is an enabler can be used to


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RT @CCBRTTanzania: Huge thanks to @TheKINU for the #tokomezafistula event on Sat! Exciting ideas & an inspiring group #endfistula http://t.… 
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Part of the participants at the #tokomezafistula hack! Thanks to all who helped spread the word! 
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@CCBRTTanzania has found that the introduction of tech into their value chain improved access to fistula surgery #tokomezafistula 
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RT @CRBarretto: Isolation, loss of children & pain are just some of the outcomes of #fistula @CCBRTTanzania @TheKINU #tokomezafistula #hack